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 The Cleaner 2012 • Incl Patch & Serial davlat

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The Cleaner 2012 • Incl Patch & Serial davlat Empty
PostSubject: The Cleaner 2012 • Incl Patch & Serial davlat   The Cleaner 2012 • Incl Patch & Serial davlat EmptyFri Nov 18, 2011 5:56 pm

The Cleaner is a system of programs designed to keep your
computer and data safe from Trojans / Worms / Keyloggers / Spyware and
all manner of malware. By actively monitoring files and processes on
your computer it can detect a virus in action and catch it before it has
a chance to do any damage to your valuable data. If you cruise the
internet or send and receive e-mail, you can't afford to be without The
Cleaner! Never again worry about e-mails you open, or programs you run -
The Cleaner detection system will take care of business so you don't
have to!
How The Cleaner Protects Your System ... The Cleaner searches your hard
drive and cleans it of all known Trojans. Using a unique patent-pending
technology, The Cleaner compares each file against a list of all known
Trojans. You can scan your entire system or just one file. The program
also allows you to periodically update your Trojan database file to keep
it current with the latest research.

The Cleaner Pro includes background scanning of all activity in
memory; a faster, redesigned scan engine (about 100 files per second); a
newer, tougher, Trojan fingerprinting process; scanning inside
compressed archives; and a completely redesigned Interface (GUI).
Objective tests have shown that The Cleaner blows the competition away,
both in speed of scans and in number of Trojans found.

Features of The Cleaner Pro:
• Malware Protection
• Live Updates
• Registry Monitoring
• Active Scanning
• Stealth Mode
• Quarantine Manager
• Scheduler
• In-Program File Submission
• Command Line File Testing
• Email Alerts
• Admin Message Alerts
• TCMonitor Ignore List
• TCMonitor Editor
• Active Scanner Ignore List
• Encrypted Configuration Data
• Expanded Scan Information
• Scan Pause/Resume
• Enhanced Fonts In TCActive!

The Cleaner 2012:
• Super fast - scan your computer in as little as 2 minutes
• Huge database
• Advanced heuristics - detect new and emerging threats
• Advanced recovery procedures
• World-class User Interface - multiple languages supported
• Daily database updates
• Over 12 years of proven reliability
• Compatibility with all anti-virus programs
• Affordable
• Supports Windows2K/XP/Vista/Windows7/Server 32bit and 64bit!

Changes in The Cleaner v8 2012:
The Cleaner v8
* Faster scanning
* Advanced/Basic views
* More up-front setup options
* Tools tab added
* AutoRun Vaccine
* Force File Remover
* Can send email alerts
* Easier to see color scheme
* Complete re-write
* Faster operation
* Can send email alerts
The Cleaner v8 Commandline
* Updated with changes from the GUI
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The Cleaner 2012 • Incl Patch & Serial davlat
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